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Founded in August of 2008, Chongqing Yuanhe Fine Chemicals Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "the company") is located in the beautiful Dazu District of Chongqing, which is entitled "the home to strontium". Based on the excellent strontium ore resources in Dazu District, the company is specialized in the development, production and sale of strontium salts and barium salts. Being a small shareholder and controlling shareholder of several strontium-related companies, the company enjoys a strong supply chain advantage, which lays a solid foundation for sustainable development.

The company was built up and put into production since March of 2005, and invested into 35 million RMB accumulatively. Now the company owns 3 production lines, namely, strontium nitrate, strontium chloride hexahydrate and strontium chloride anhydrous production line, with yearly production capacity upto 7,500 metric tons, 7,500 metric tons and 3,000 metric tons respectively. The company has self-export rights with its products exported to Japan, South Korea, India, EU, American countries and South Africa etc. Over 60% of total products are for export. Since its establishment date, the company has been titled as a " large taxpayer" by Dazu People's Government and as a "A Grade Tax-Paying Credit Enterprise" by Dazu National Taxation Bureau and Local Taxation Bureau for successive years. 

After many years of technology upgrade, the company has realized an unique whole-sealing, continuous and automated production technology, which ensures stable product quality, greatly improves production efficiency and reduces the labor strength of operation workers. The company has a technical and managerial team with rich experience in the development and production of strontium-salts' further processing products. The company has over 110 employees, including over 40 professional workers and 20 intermediate and senior technical workers. The company enjoys many invention patents and utility model patents with many products entitled as "New Hi-Tech Products ". In September of 2010, the company became a membership unit of CISIA. And in July of 2012, the company's technical center was affirmed and named as "Chongqing Municipal Technical Center" by Chongqing Government.

The company has stick to long-term quality control management, safe production management and environmental protection management. The company acquired ISO9001 quality management system certification on December 7, 2006, and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification and ISO14001 environment management system certification. The company put great efforts to improve safety standard construction and passed the (secondary) safety standardization acceptance check organized by Chongqing Administration of Work Safety, and has been awarded the title of Dazu’s safe advanced unit by Dazu’s People’s Government and of “advanced enterprise of safe production ” by Chongqing Government. The company also passed the specialistic environment assessment acceptance check and clean production check organized by Chongqing Environment Protection Agency. 

The company’s management guideline is source control, health and safety, cyclic utilization, energy-efficiency, demand concerned and quality pursuit. And the company follows the enterprise tenet of “unity, truth, pragmatism and innovation” and the operation philosophy of “being honest to the clients” and “seeking increasing perfection in production” so as to persist in provide excellent products and services for domestic and overseas clients.


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